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Not since the heyday of MySpace has there been one single go-to destination where music fans can get reliable information about musicians on every front. With so much content out there, and with many musicians’ websites simply not providing an immersive enough experience, fans rely on search engines to find things that are dispersed all over the web including news, blogs, videos, tour dates, biographies, discographies, and photos. Now with Twitter, Facebook, BandCamp, SoundCloud and others being factored in, there needs to exist one solitary platform where fans can go to make all these connections,

1022 Music is a self promotion service for perfomers,  singers, song writers, producers, rappers, musicans, dancers, and other talent a family.  

1022 Music web tecnologies, social media to help you indepently manage your career and make money with your career.   1022 offers the creative people the chance to be creative with the security of knowing their business is in motion.     

1022 Music offers website development, marketing, promotion, contacts, set ups, telecommunications and so much more.  

Social Network Marketing - Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Meet and Greets, Showcases, exposure and fans.   An artist can come with a talent and we will make them a business.